Feeling Frustrated after the Festivities of the Fourth?

Tips to get you back on track

We have all been there- the day after.  The day after a wedding, the day after a vacation, or The day after Thanksgiving.  In this case, we are talking the day after the Fourth of July weekend. A three day Feast filled with Fireworks, Fun and…Food.  We eat, we drink and then we eat and we drink some more. We bake in the sun with a beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other, completely disregarding the need to hydrate.  We do jello shots; we eat chips and those awesome red, white and blue cookies that Aunt Sally bakes each year. The fireworks explode lighting the sky up as we watch in awe, the children scream with delight and we celebrate the day of our great Country’s Independence.  It is truly a spectacular time of year.

We wake up on July 5th with a headache, dry mouth and low energy, dreading a trip to the gym. Frustration hits as we drag ourselves out of bed, dying for coffee and carbs.  Metabolic chaos hits, blood sugar is out of whack and motivation is low. If this sounds at all familiar, don’t worry because there is great news. Whether it was 1 day or 4 days of over indulging, we have a chance to start over every single day.  We get to wake up and choose better. We get to start over and It is never too late!

The first thing to do- HYDRATE! Get a gallon of water; add 1000mg of Vitamin C (for anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant purposes) and chug.  Getting the body rehydrated is the first step to feeling better, helping with the headaches, the dry mouth and the gastrointestinal system. Continue to shoot for a gallon of water daily, it is also a great way to ensure proper hydration during the hot summer months.

Next we want to Get moving!  While the first day after the binge may not be the greatest time for a hardcore workout, getting back to the gym or a fitness routine as soon as possible will help sweat those toxins out and elevate energy levels.  With 8 more weeks left of summer, slacking now will only invoke more frustration.

Back to better food choices.  So the cheeseburgers and cake, jello shots and Pina Colodas may strike again at some point this summer, but not today!  Today choose lean proteins, leafy greens and whole grains.  Today choose a delicious protein smoothie, a handful of almonds and fresh spinach salad. Options for delicious meals and snacks are endless and can include summertime favorites such as kiwi, grilled BBQ chicken kebobs, cucumber salad and more.

A good fitness regime, healthy food choices and proper hydration  is a recipe for feeling great. Over-indulging from time to time is usually not catastrophic, rather, a small delay in the feel great/look great process.  The best possible way to combat any damage done is simply to get back on track! Every day is a new day.


Maria Faller

SM Fitness


Fitness* Nutrition* Coaching