Mom’s mid summer baggage
By Maria Faller
Mid summer is upon us and before we even get through our next beach day we have back to school flyers, sales and supplies being shoved down our throats.  Although it feels as if summer just began, we are not too far away from the start of the school year. Back to a more rigid schedule for us moms, back to packing snacks and lunches, preparing dinners and chauffeuring back and forth to school, sports and parties.
The summer presents us with a feeling of Being on vacation, some of us overindulge at BBQs, some of us sleep in and skip the gym, some of us drink too much. All these little summer vacations choices we make lead us to acquire extra baggage. Around our midsections, thighs and asses.  While it’s been great fun sunbathing, snacking and swimming, it’s time to reverse the damage before September.  Be the mom at the bus stop in the sports bra and spandex! Don’t be the disheveled mom in the footie pajamas.
Here are some tips to help you back on track before September :
1- Get moving. Even if you power walk 20 minutes a day, early in the morning or late in the evening to beat the summer heat.  Bring the kids on their bikes, take your bike if you have one. You can make it a family fitness time  (or go solo), whatever gets you moving! Make sure your heart rate is up, this is not a leisurely 20 minutes stroll I’m talking about.
2- Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! With Water!!! Aim for 64oz to a gallon daily.
3- Watch your snacking.  The water, the sun and the summer in general leaves us hungry!  It’s now time to steer clear of cookies, cakes and ice cream shakes. Replace your snacks with protein smoothies.  You can use water,protein, ice, berries , or you can do almond milk, protein, peanut butter. The options are endless and SM Fitness provides many protein smoothie recipes on social medias as well as our website-
You can also snack on almost any fresh veggie! Replace your chips with cucumbers, celery, peppers and broccoli. Make sure your eating lean protein and healthy fats ( almonds, salmon, dates) and limit your alcohol intake.
Making these few simple changes will assist in eliminating extra baggage you’ve acquired this summer! Soon, you will be at the bus stop with your children, enjoy the rest of the summer sun, freedom and fun. Show up in September looking better than ever.  Need an extra Push? Contact SM Fitness today for all your health and fitness needs.